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Is local knowledge essential in modern police recruitment?

Recruitment of Police Officers are no less than a community service. They are bound by law to govern the designated area in order to bring peace and justice. Work of a Police Officers are various in nature, they are responsible for managing violent actions taken by the commoners, they provide protections against robbery, harassment, and bribery. Other occasional tasks includes security to prominent members of parliament during elections and rallies of varied nature. With all these different contexts I consider the recruitment of Police Officers should not be imprisoned to a specific area or locality.

There are multiple reasons, firstly the sensitive nature of the community towards their own people. Human beings are social animals, we paramount not only helping others, but also seeking favours in return. Which occasionally falls into inequitable circumstances. In situations like this to enforce law becomes difficult. On the contrary the same situation could be handled much better if the officer is not of the same community.

On another note, an outsider can provide lateral thinking for the growth of the community, unlike any other person with overfamiliarity. A Police officer ought to consider each individual equally in order to gather fine, to reduce corruption, and to gather evidence. Officers are also responsible for gathering evidence and discriminating the truth. Hence all of these could be achieved smoothly by an outsider officer in charge.

In conclusion, Police Officers are ground level pillars of law in the country, they should be able to enforce law to all. Hence an outsider is best choice of recruitment for the post within the community.




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Rajshree Choudhary

Rajshree Choudhary

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