Family celebrations, a necessity or a burden?

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Decades old tradition of celebrations is considered to be the centre of attraction in many cultures. Whether it may be a family affair or an official one. Eventually after generations of gap, family celebrations have become the key prospect for status within the community. Hence, for some people the notion of spending lot of money for an expensive family celebration has become a necessity. While for people who uphold the moral of minimalistic lifestyle and building relationship over status, it became a burden.

Such people adopt living within the society without blindly following the trends. They believe in family celebrations as an intimate gathering. Where the need to wear masks or to hide behind the socio-economical status un-necessary. Family is a group of people not only bound by the blood but also un-conditional love, a place where money becomes senseless. Bonding over a simple meal put together by each member of the family with love and grace of God, itself makes it a celebration worth a fortune.

While, people higher in the socio-economical rank, hold family celebrations in much more grand scale then just a family meal together. Spending lots of money, time and effort to orchestrate an expensive event means equivalent to upholding their family name within the society. They create a name for themselves, living under an influential community gathering, where responsibilities is considered equivalent with that of money. For them spending rupees or dollars brings joy and happiness. They love trends, attentions and popularity which comes with it.

I am someone who regards family celebration as an excuse to get together and have fun with all the members, irrespective of how expensive it is.




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Rajshree Choudhary

Rajshree Choudhary

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